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Why Do We Use Liquefied Natural Gas?


Natural gas is one of the most valuable and versatile sources of energy. Natural gas, crude oil, and other energy sources are widely used to power homes.

Natural gas is turned into liquid form because this is the best way to store and transport them over long distances or when using pipelines is impossible. Butane gas and oil suppliers do the same thing with LPG. Cooling natural gas turns them into colorless and odorless liquid, which then is converted back to gas when it is time to use them.

As traders of oil and LPG butane gas in Maryland, we understand the vital role of liquefied natural gas in society. Why is this source of energy widely used all over the world?

  • Versatility

    LNG can be versatile because of its usage for various living functions. It is used for cooking food, heating and lighting homes, and even air conditioning. It can be transported easily to more places due to its liquid state.

  • Cleaner Energy

    In most cases, LNG can be a cleaner source of energy. Crude oil and refined products are still widely used for energy. But those who prefer cleaner sources often choose renewable energy resources or liquefied natural gas as its emissions are significantly less harmful.

  • Abundance

    Natural gas is highly abundant, especially in the United States. It can be a steady energy supply for the country, and by liquefying it, this vital resource can be exported to other countries.

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